5 Minute Rosie Bandana Updo

I wanted to do another quick and easy hair tutorial for all of the gals that like vintage pinup style hair but do not have much time to accomplish that. As a mom, I know what it is like to have zero time for hair in the morning. I have come up with a few quick styles that suit my life and I think they may also help out some others too! This is my quick 5 minute Rosie inspired bandana updo.



The first thing you will want to do is section off the top center section of hair as if you were going to do a pompadour. Next tease the back of that section and use a smoothing brush to lightly smooth that out on the top, but do not brush out the tease. Then you will roll the hair back and down into a roll.


Next you will secure that roll with a few bobbi pins, one through the center of the roll and a few on the sides. You want to be sure the pins are hidden. Also, my roll is not perfect and I am ok with that since it is just a quick style that I wear during the week. If I am going to an event I will take a bit more time on this to make it a bit more perfect. Once the roll is secure, you are going to pull the rest of your hair back into a high messy bun at the crown of your head. This is just a ponytail that I do not pull all the way through. It creates a bit of volume and more of a quick polished look once you put a bandana or scarf over it.


Once the hair is up I take some of my Bitchin Grease Pomade and smooth any fly aways on the roll and on the sides. (You can purchase Bitchin Grease by contacting me through the Facebook page linked above).  I also put a bobbi pin underneath the ponytail on the bottom where my hair tends to fall down a bit.


Next, I fold my bandana or scarf. Start with the bandana completely open, fold one corner in as in the top right photo. Next fold the opposite corner in the same way as you did in the first step, it should look like the top right photo once both corners are folded in. Then fold each of those in once more as in bottom left photo. You will end up with your bandana like the bottom right photo. Now you are ready to put it on!


If you folded it correctly it should look like this once you tie it around your head. Once it is tied, I secure each side above my ears with two crossed bobbi pins. Also one on the bottom of each side just under my ear. This helps to keep your bandana in place all day long.


The final step is to give your hair a good spray. I love to use Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Harder. This really helps to keep it all in place for the whole day!


I  hope you enjoyed this quick hair tutorial. Don’t forget to have fun and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect!


Yours Truly,

Jessica Rockabilly Mama


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