Bitchin Grease- The Greasers Pomade

  I know I have not been as active posting as I would like to, but I have been very busy revamping our pomade business Bitchin Grease. I wanted to share with you all how far it has come in a year and a half since we first started. We now offer 2 scents old... Continue Reading →

Pyrex Vintage Charm Rise ‘n’ Shine

You all know my great love for collecting vintage and vintage inspired items for the home, so I thought you all would love to see the new Vintage Charm Collection inspired by Pyrex. Particularly the Rise 'n' Shine collection for it's bold aqua and white "Butterprint" inspiration. I have an original Butterprint Pyrex mixing bowl... Continue Reading →

A Vintage Christmas Decor 2016

I thought I would start off the Holiday season right by giving you all some Christmas decor ideas. I have been keeping an eye out for some retro and vintage reproduction items you can add to your collection. I am going to be putting the items in groups according to store. I hope you enjoy... Continue Reading →

Converting Your Home Into An “Honest” Home

As you all know I am obsessed with The Honest Company, so I thought I would give you some tips on how to convert your home to a "non-toxic" environment. It all started 4 years ago when I read the book The Honest Life by Jessica Alba. Then I discovered The Honest Company and I... Continue Reading →

Undunz CC Cruisin To NSRA Nationals

Over the past weekend my car club Undunz CC from Denver went to the NSRA Nationals in Pueblo, CO. The show was huge with 2100 + cars. I thought I would share some of the photos I took while we were cruisin. Enjoy!   Here is our 1959 Edsel, kustomized by Striper Stan Kustoms. My... Continue Reading →

5 Minute Rosie Bandana Updo

I wanted to do another quick and easy hair tutorial for all of the gals that like vintage pinup style hair but do not have much time to accomplish that. As a mom, I know what it is like to have zero time for hair in the morning. I have come up with a few... Continue Reading →

New Books To Read For Mamas

Recently there have been quite a few books that I would like to read. I wanted to share the list with you all so you can read them too! Maybe once I read them I will do mini reviews on the books and tell you all about them. Please note, I have linked all of... Continue Reading →

Rockabilly Photography That Inspires

Have you ever looked at photos and got inspired? I put together a few photos that I found while browsing Pinterest. I just had to share their beauty and hope that they will inspire you to take a similar photo, to dress in a similar way, to do a similar pose at a photo shoot... Continue Reading →

Redecorate Your Toddler’s Room With Pillowfort at Target

  Target has a new line of Children's home decor called Pillowfort that is super cute and well worth a quick look (you can see the decor here).  I am going to show you a few items I would like to add to Cherry's room as I redecorate it into a toddler room. My mother... Continue Reading →

Rockabilly Mama Playlist- 22 of My Favorite Songs

One of my favorite things in life is music! Ever since I was young I always loved all types of music but I tend to gravitate to older music more than anything else. I have definitely went through many different music phases in my life but it all has one thing in common, rock n'... Continue Reading →

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