A Vintage Christmas Decor 2016

I thought I would start off the Holiday season right by giving you all some Christmas decor ideas. I have been keeping an eye out for some retro and vintage reproduction items you can add to your collection. I am going to be putting the items in groups according to store. I hope you enjoy these adorable vintage inspired items! Happy Holidays!

World Market

Items from left to right: 1) Set of 4 Retro bottlebrush trees, 7″ tall, $23.96.  2) Retro Deer with glitter,  9″ tall $14.99.  3) Retro bottlebrush winter white wreath, $12.99. 4) Retro bottlebrush wreath with deer, $24.99.

I always love the fact that World Market has vintage retro inspired items year round! They really know how to combine vintage with a tiny bit of modern flare. I really appreciate these reproduction items now that I have a toddler, so I do not have to actually put out my authentic vintage and run the risk of them getting accidently broken.

1) Retro metallic bottlebrush trees, set of 2, 4″ tall, $19.98. 2) Alpine bottlebrush trees, set of 2 4″tall, $19.98. 3) Retro paper houses, set of 2, $39.98.

1)Retro mica bottlebrush trees, 6.5″ or 9.5″, $9.99-$12.99 2) Retro bottlebrush wreath, $14.98. 3) Retro metal deer ornaments, set of 3, $14.98





This season, Target had a few items to note that were more retro inspired and cute rather than vintage reproduction. I like anything that has pretty pastels, aqua and coral mixed with retro shapes. This line of gift wrap really caught my eye and I will definitely be purchasing some of it!



1) Atomic starburst LED string lights, 10 lights, $12.99.

These are color changing starburst lights I thought would be cool to add to my vintage tree or inside my front bay window. I feel they would add an atomic meets modern vibe to the house, and they would be perfect for my 2 year old to look at.


1)Atomic starburst garland snowflake metal garland, 72″ long, $10.39.

I like how this has a very retro feel and it is metal! It would make a great addition to your vintage inspired retro decor and would look great hanging in a window or on a wall as pictured above.

From left: 1) Aqua mercury glass tree, large 12″ tall, $15.99. They are also available in different colors and sizes. 2) Threshold Tree Dinner Plate, $2.99 3) Wondershop Glitter Deer, aqua and red, 13″ tall, $8.00 4) Threshold Vintage car with tree melamine serving platter, 7.8″, $1.99.

These items are great modern meets vintage decor. I like how they incorporate aqua and red into these pieces. They would match your decor whether you have traditional red or more pastels, take your pick!


1)Wondershop 18″ Bright ornament tree, $20.00. 2) Wondershop 16″ lit bright ornament wreath, $25.00. 3) Glitter top retro ornament, $3.00 each.

I liked these bold colored items available in the Wondershop. The ornament tree and matching wreath were very pretty and lightweight. They have a retro vibe and the wreath lights up too! The top ornaments are a quick way to add a bit of an atomic feel to your tree, and they are shatter proof!

1)Threshold large white bottlebrush tree, 15″ tall, $15.99. 2) Shiny starburst ornament, $3.00 each. 3) Wondershop reflector retro glass ornament set, 14 ct., $20.00. 4) Set of 7  Mini, $15.99 & Tall bottlebrush trees, $7.99 each.

Bottlebrush trees are an easy way to make your decor have a vintage feel. The trees from Target are pretty amazing and I really like the color selection they have, you can get red and aqua or pastel pink, mint and white. So depending on your decor, you can get some to match!

Hobby Lobby

I visited Hobby Lobby the other day and they have a whole table dedicated to vintage inspired Christmas decor! I absolutely loved a lot of the items on the display. I am not sure of prices so you will have to visit your local store and take a peek on this one. Enjoy the amazing items!


I hope you all enjoyed looking at some of the amazing decor I found for you and have an amazing Holiday season! I will do a separate post when I have my decor set up.


Happy Holidays to all Mamas! Happy Decorating!


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