Rockabilly Photography That Inspires

Have you ever looked at photos and got inspired? I put together a few photos that I found while browsing Pinterest. I just had to share their beauty and hope that they will inspire you to take a similar photo, to dress in a similar way, to do a similar pose at a photo shoot or to just simply admire.

Photography is one of my passions that I do not utilize enough. I really wish I would get out the camera more and capture the lifestyle of my rockabilly life. I would like to get some film and experiment with my many vintage cameras. I have them all put away at the moment but that is one of my goals this summer, to take more photos and experiment with film. Maybe even do a photo challenge of some sort to force myself to shoot. I need to get a shelf to display them all and then I will share my collection with you.

I like that whenever I look at certain photos I get inspired to shoot again. I like the feeling I get when I really “feel” a photo and what the photographer was trying to capture. Depending on the photo, it can make you feel a wide range of emotions. I am drawn to lifestyle or snapshot photography. I like that each photo has a purpose and it shows a certain idea, lifestyle or person. It captures a certain moment in time to show an audience that particular moment. The photos I am going to share all spoke to me in some way and inspired me. I hope you enjoy the collection I have put together. In it to live it!

All photos were found on Pinterest. You can see all original posts on my board here.

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