New Books To Read For Mamas

Recently there have been quite a few books that I would like to read. I wanted to share the list with you all so you can read them too! Maybe once I read them I will do mini reviews on the books and tell you all about them. Please note, I have linked all of the books to the Amazon page so you can purchase or preview the book.

Dita Von Teese Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour

I have been wanting to purchase this one for awhile, I just need to do it. Dita is one of my all time favorites. She is so beautiful and a I like what she stands for and how she carries herself. This should be a good read since Dita has amazing style and always looks flawless!


Lauren Conrad Celebrate

This book discusses all about putting the style and beauty Lauren teaches you in her previous books to use while entertaining and learning how to throw a great event. All of the essentials, tips and tricks you need to know about having a party. This is a must read for me since I love having parties and decorating for them!


Kristin Cavallari Balancing in Heels

This seems like a great book for all mamas to read. After reading the preview from Amazon I like the layout of the book and it seems similar to The Honest Life in that sense. She talks about her life, journey and how she makes her daily life work while being a mom. I am always up for new tips and tricks when it comes to being a mom and I like reading about other journeys and struggles.


Travis Barker Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death and Drums Drums Drums

I have been a Travis Barker fan for quite some time, maybe about 15 years now. I would love to read about his life and how he has gotten to where he is today. All about issues, struggles and being an amazing musician. I usually prefer to read biographies so this is right up my alley. Enjoy!


The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

I am all about being comfortable in your own skin and being happy in your life. From what I read about this book it is all about that. I would love to see what she has to say about this.


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