Bo Huff, Our Next Trip to Dragerton, “The Boneyard”


With the unfortunate passing of Bo Huff back in August, everything in his Boneyard had to be sold. There was an online Facebook auction that had an inventory list of all of the cars and parts for sale. Naturally, the Undunz C.C. and Striper Stan Kustoms quickly went to see what was on the list. After carefully looking and debating on what to possibly get, the car that stood out to Stan and my dad Jesse was a 1937 Chevy Sedan, since this is the car my dad has (photos below).

My dad has a 1937 Chevy Sedan and Coupe. The Coupe is a project car and it doesn’t have any fenders so they saw this sedan as a great parts car for the coupe. The fenders seemed to be in decent shape, being steel, that in itself was a plus. Then they thought, maybe we could just buy the fenders until a very unfortunate car accident happened with the black 37 Sedan. Jesse was moving cars around at his house after coming back from a car show and he left his sedan running in the street and it decided it wanted to take a little ride and it kicked into reverse and there it went down the street and hit a parked car. Ouch! Here are the results of the incident.

3737 2

So with that being said, they really wanted to pick up the Sedan from Bo’s Boneyard. Having the car from Bo would make it that much easier for Stan to fix Jesse’s. We set up a date to head out to Dragerton to pick it up. This would be the second time in two months for Stan and I. We were all excited to take the trip to East Carbon and to see Junior (Bo Huff’s son). There were 5 of us going, Stan, Jesse, Bryon, Steve (my dad’s brothers) and I. We left early Saturday morning about 4:30 am and we pulled into town about 11:30 am, ready to have some fun.


When we got there we met Junior and Stella at the museum. Since my dad or his brothers have never been there we walked around there for a bit and then set out to The Boneyard, which is behind the museum. The guys wanted to walk around and see all of the cars and parts that were in the boneyard. They all grabbed a beer and I had a glass of wine and set out to wander.  According to Stan a lot of the cars had been cleared out compared to when he had been there last when he worked for Bo almost 8 years ago.


Stan, Junior and Jesse taking a look at some of the cars. There were quite a few even though it seemed a bit empty in some spots. I had a blast walking around taking photos, since I didn’t really get to the last time we were there.


Here is one of the cars sitting in the Boneyard that caught my eye because it seems like it would be a beautiful car if it were finished.


This was Stan’s 53 Plymouth when he lived out in Dragerton. It was pretty cool to see one of his cars. I wish we could actually build that car, it would be very nice.







After all of the walking around, buying things here and there and a few more beers, we had to get the 37 Sedan out and onto the trailer. The guys had to air up the tires and tow it out from the spot it was in. You can see in the above photo how the car was just sitting in the dirt. Jesse was very happy to be getting this car and to be in Dragerton.


Here is the car getting hooked up to the tow truck so they could pull it out.


As Junior was pulling the car out.


Now to get it pushed onto the trailer. The car wasn’t sitting on the frame correctly so they had to lift up the body and place it on the frame properly since it wasn’t bolted down. Once they did that the car was able to roll and be pushed onto our trailer.


The guys pushing the car onto the trailer.


Jesse feeling accomplished and happy he is getting a Bo Huff car to help fix his wrecked 37. Here are the items Stan and I ended up buying from Junior at The Boneyard for our collection at home. Stan got 6 Quaker State DeLuxe oil cans and a Mercury back window. I picked up 2 vintage bottles, I am not sure what they are for but I thought they would be cool painted  mint green or aqua and have them on display in my house. I also found some vintage jewelry in the same spot Stan was getting the oil cans. Junior was kind enough to help me find a few more pieces to add to the handful I had. I will probably make some sort of brooch out of them, we will see. Overall, we found some great stuff and we were happy with everything we picked up. Thank you Junior!



Finally the business portion of the trip was over and it was now time to drink more beer and have some fun hanging out in Dragerton. We headed into Bo’s museum and looked around at all of the kustoms, collectibles, vintage, car parts, etc that is on display. There are bookcases covering every wall in the museum displaying all of the most coveted items any rockabilly or anyone into cars for that matter would want to have. This place is filled with the best of the best! Being there again I was able to get more photos and look at every detail. It would probably take about 30 plus times of visiting the museum to see each and every item. You would notice something new every time. The photo below is to the right of the museum as soon as you walk in the door. It is packed full of amazing vintage collectibles.



Here is the counter that is in front of the shelves in the above photo. According to Stan, this is where Bo always stood when he was in the museum, it was his spot. My favorite is the vintage pinstriped barber chairs, juke box, and bar stools. This mini counter is similar to what they used to have in drugstores or diners back in the 50’s.


More details of the amazing decor in the museum. Notice the leopard walls, pinstriped panels, vintage lunchbox, and vintage movie theater seating.


A nice view from the floor looking into the museum, you can see a 50 Shoebox, 63 Olds, and the shelves of car parts. I find this photo to be very calm and serene, the feeling you get when taking one step into the museum. When I am inside, I get the feeling of being right where I am supposed to be and I try to take it all in as fast as possible! It is kustom kulture to the max.


Stan and Jesse standing next to the last Bo Huff build, a 1963 Oldsmobile. The details on this custom are amazing especially the cob webbing in the panel paint job. Beautiful!




The guys from left, Bryon, Steve, Jesse, Stan.


Stan, Junior and I in the museum. Great photo!


More details of all the memorabilia and collectibles.


Stan and I in the museum in front of the Rockabilly Hound Dog, one of my favorites! I like the other side of the place because of all of the hubcaps. It reminds me of my garage at home. Stan collects hubcaps and so I am used to having them on display like this. 


Stan and Jesse taking a look at “Corene” 1936 Ford and “Summertime Blues” 1953 Ford. These are two of our club favorites!


Here is a view looking into the museum from the front garage door. This is the other side of the place.


Detail of the hubcaps hanging in the rafters up top and of course there are a pair of whitewalls. If anyone knows Bo, he used to say “No blackwalls”.


Details of the car parts on the shelves, lots of headlights!


Stan and Junior catching up while we were just hanging out and taking it all in. They used to be close back in the day when Stan worked for Bo.

Next those two decided to venture on down into the basement of the museum. It is like a whole new world down there, dirt floors, whitewalls, paint, you name it. Every inch of this place is filled! Here are a few photos from the basement.






After looking through the years of car parts and signage, we decided to head on over to Bo Huff Customs shop. This is down the road from the museum. So Stan and I hopped in Juniors shop truck (a 55 Chevy) and headed down to the shop. Here is a mini video of our ride.


As we were pulling up to the shop, here is the view from the truck. As you approach this custom shop there are project cars in front and on the side of the shop, you just instantly get excited to take a look.


Jesse, Bryon and Steve walking to the shop from their truck.


When we got there we immediately went inside to look at all of the very cool projects being worked on. Here is Stan remembering all of the great memories from working in this shop years ago. He said it is exactly the same and he can remember clear as day working there.


The guys out front, hanging out drinking some beers!


Jesse inside the shop looking at the radical custom they have in the right bay. See the car in the photo below, look at that chop! I would love to see this once it is finished.



Stan and Junior hanging out in the shop talking about all that has been going on and the details about all of the cars. Below are a few details from around the shop that I happened to take photos of.





This is inside the paint booth in the back of the shop. I love this flying eyeball painting.


Stan and Junior talking hubcaps.

Next we ran over to the Miners Market to grab some food to grill. Then we set off to Juniors house. We ate, hungout, started a bonefire, had more drinks, then the guys decided Stan, Junior and Stella should do a pinstripe panel jam. So we went inside to get that going.


Stan and I in the truck on our way to Juniors.


Our awesome bonfire in the backyard. I was just sitting there relaxing and drinking some amazing white wine Junior had in the fridge (you can see my coffee mug of wine in the photo). I need to find out what it was called and I will share with you all!


The guys hanging out, talking cars.




For the rest of Saturday night we hung out, watched the guys stripe, had a few laughs and then called it a night since all 96 beers were gone…… I would say we got a lot done in one Saturday! We had to get some sleep for our 8 hour drive home the next day.

Saturday recap:

Wake up at 4:30 drive to Dragerton. Get to the museum, walk around. Go to the Boneyard, more walking around. Tow the Chevy out, get it on the trailer. Buy some stuff. Hang in the museum, take some photos. Go in the basement, check out the kool stuff. Drive to the shop, make a video. Hang out at the shop, take more photos. Check out the customs, have a drink. Go to the market, drive to Juniors. Grill food,  eat dinner. Have a bonfire, drink wine, listen to music. Have a panel jam, watch them stripe. Go to sleep.

Oh what a day! Thank you for having us Junior we all had a blast spending the day with you! Until next time.

I hope you all enjoyed our day in Dragerton.

Yours Truly,


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