PUG Swap & Sell & Pinup Girl Customer Lounge

To all the rockabilly mamas out there that love fashion and all things Pinup Girl Clothing, you must join these two groups on Facebook! I have bought, sold and traded many of my PUG items on this group and have had great experiences. Once you join be prepared to be overwhelmed with all of the items and rules, but they make the group run smoothly and flawlessly. You can find the page here.


The other group is brand new and has been up for maybe 2 weeks. This is the place to go if you have questions about PUG, if you want to share photos of your beautiful clothing, ideas for new designs or prints and to meet other pinup girls! It is very fun but informational. The PUG team has also been posting about new and upcoming items we can expect. They also answer questions or give updates. I just visit this page when I have a few minutes to browse. Usually I just get so excited because I see new items I NEED but can’t afford. Then I try to plot my next item to sell so I have money to get what I want. You can find the page here.


Also if you have not yet visited the Proposed PUG items on the website, you must do so now! They are bringing back so many cute discontinued items so if you have been wanting any of them, now is your chance to snatch them up. Click on the photo below for the link to the page or click here. I must get this Turquoise and Black Harlequin Jenny Skirt, it is a must! I have been wanting it for so long and I decided not to buy it a few years ago at the online yard sale around the Holidays. I still think of that day. It will not happen again.



As for the PUG yardsale, I cry every time I see this advertised because I can’t go. I need to plan a trip to California just so I can go to this. I must experience it once in my life. I can’t imagine how crazy and fun it is. I see You Tube videos all about it and it makes me sad. So please have more items on your Online Yardsale Pinup Girl Team. Please, please. Thank you and that is all. Have a swell day!



Yours Truly,

Jessica Rockabilly Mama

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