Quick Toddler Snacks

I know how it is to try and find some yummy and healthy snacks for your toddler so I decided to share some of Cherry’s favorites. I like to have snacks on hand at all times because if you have a toddler, you know they want to snack and explore different foods all day long.


First things first, Cherry likes to have juice along with water so I buy her the Honest Kids Organic juice boxes from Costco. They come with 4 different flavors and they are just the right size for kids so they don’t end up wasting any. They are very good and not sweet at all. She loves cherry tomatoes so I try to have them in the fridge and if she feels like a quick snack I suggest them and most of the time she says yes. I just cut them in fours and throw them in one of her cute bowls and she is in heaven. Pouches of baby food or applesauce are one of the items I always have because I can take them with us if we are out and about and it is a great snack on the go. She likes the apple mango applesauce and the sweet potato apple baby food. I typically buy the Earth’s Best Organic pouches but sometimes I will go with the Up & Up brand because they are about half the cost. Yogurt is another great snack and it is healthy too. I just discovered the Tillamook Cherry Vanilla and it is so yummy. The best part is it costs about $0.50. She also likes the freeze dried yogurt bites in strawberry and the orange ones we got this time are good but not her favorite. I have some of these in her to go snack tower for her bag. The puff snacks are also an oldie but a goodie. She hasn’t been eating them as much since she is liking other stuff but they are still a great go to. I usually get her sweet potato or the apple strawberry flavors. Finally, fruit is a great snack and nutritious. Cherry loves strawberries and bananas. I can occasionally get her to go for some peaches or tropical fruit in the cups.


Her absolute favorite snack is Organic Teensy Fruits from Plum Organics. They are really soft and thin fruit snacks for the toddlers that still do not have all of their teeth and they can’t eat actual fruit snacks. She gets these as a treat because they are a bit pricey at $3 for 5 small packages. But she loves them so we buy them. Lastly is string cheese. She can eat these when she needs a good pick me up through out the day and of course she picked the Frozen string cheese.

All of these snacks are super quick and easy to have on hand and for the most part pretty nutritious. You have to let them splurge once in awhile too and if I let her she usually gets a lollipop. I hope you enjoyed seeing Cherry’s favorite quick snacks. Let me know what your little ones like to eat and I just may have to try some for her.

Yours Truly,

Jessica Rockabilly Mama


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