Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids & Adults

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner I wanted to share a few ideas that Cherry and I may try to give as gifts to grandparents and dad. I was just browsing on Pinterest so i will link the original posts to the photos.

Valentine HeartValentine Heart2

I wanted to get creative this year and also get Cherry’s artistic side out. I am a big fan of expressing yourself through creativity and art and I would like Cherry to be interested in art like Stan and I. So I found a few Valentine’s projects that involve painting, coloring and simple cut and paste. I love how simple this heart project is above. It is just hand prints in the shape of a heart, but you are capturing that moment in time and the progress of how your child is growing. You can look back at this years from now and have that small piece of how your child used to be. You can get the free printable template and poem for this heart project here.


The next project I found on the Honest Company blog called Honestly (Honor’s DIY Valentines). I like how simple and cute the finished Valentine looks and while making it you are interacting with your child and encouraging them to get creative!



The paper roll heart stamp is a very easy and quick way to get your kids involved and interact with the art project, who doesn’t love stamps. Dip the stamp into a small amount of paint on a paper plate and let them go! Super cute and easy. You can find the details on how to make these here.


This simple and modern Valentine hand print canvas really caught my eye when browsing Pinterest. I want to make one of these for myself of Cherry’s cute little hand. It will be a very cute addition to the photos of her on my walls.

I hope you get some cute ideas for you and your kids from these projects. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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