You Tube Channels To Subscribe To!

I have been meaning to share with you all a few You Tube channels that you must subscribe to that I enjoy watching consistently. I find the channels very informational and they have great reviews and ideas. Keep reading for all of the details!

You can follow me on You Tube here. I have only posted one video but I intend to try and post more in the future.

Cherry Dollface

I have been following Cherry for a very long time and I enjoy all of her videos no matter what they are about.  She has a great personality and is always happy. I like that about her videos and I know I have something to look forward to each week. She talks about anything from vintage hairstyles, DIY, reviews, food recipes and day in the life. You won’t regret watching ALL of her videos. Here are a few of my favorites.

Miss Rockabilly Ruby

Her videos are fairly new and she has been adding more recently which I definitely love! Miss Rockabilly Ruby is the best at all things hair and makeup for the rockabilly gal. All of her videos are talk through videos instead of voice overs so you get that one on one experience with her. Definitely check out this channel for step by step tutorials.

Lisa Freemont Street

Lisa Freemont Street is such a doll and she does a great job showing period correct hairstyles and also tells you how to achieve the specific hairstyle with her tips and tricks. Must watch if you want variety.

A Vintage Vanity

If you are looking for funny meets vintage, you have found the right channel. A Vintage Vanity shares hair & makeup tutorials, projects, unboxing, and anything she wants to share!

My Pale Skin 

This channel is specifically all makeup tutorials! If you want some great ideas and reviews of makeup look no further. She does great work and explains everything step by step. I like how she tries different looks and will tell you honestly if the product is good or bad. Some of her videos are not rockabilly or vintage inspired but I still find I learn from them.

Tha Taylaa

She is very fun and her videos are mostly makeup tutorials but Tha Taylaa also does unboxing of subscription boxes, day in the life and reviews. Some of the videos are informational,  like new makeup reviews and product must haves. She is not rockabilly or vintage specific but I find I still learn new tips and tricks by watching her makeup tutorials. I like how she uses both drugstore and high end products. Give it a try!

Kathleen Lights

This channel has so many tutorials, reviews and hauls. She is always getting new product and will share how well they work. Kathleen Lights is lots of fun and she tends to share makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls, unboxing, drugstore makeup. Again, she isn’t rockabilly or vintage but I find I learn about new makeup on the market and if I want to try any of it. Great channel!

I hope you all enjoy these channels and let me know in the comments below what you think of them!  Happy Holidays and have fun watching!

Yours Truly,


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