This Holiday Season’s Best Vintage Inspired Christmas Decor


Are you ready for this Holiday season? I am very excited it is here because it is my favorite time of year! As I have been browsing around a few local stores this month, I have noticed that quite a few of them have some great vintage inspired Christmas decorations. I was happy to see so many cute items that I can add to my collection. I will show you the items I feel would be great to make any Christmas have the perfect vintage feel. See below, I will categorize all items by store.

World Market

I absolutely love the items at World Market! They are some of my favorites right now. I would like to add all of these pieces to my collection for sure. The prices are very affordable as well.


Very cute 9″ retro bottlebrush tree with ornaments and snow, $12.99


Matching Retro bottlebrush wreath with ornaments and snow, $14.99


Set of 4 bottlebrush retro trees, white, mint, red and green with ornaments, 7″ tall. These are very cute and a great addition to your decor, $23.96


Set of 4 retro bottlebrush trees, silver, gold, red and green, 4.5″ tall, $19.96


Classic retro bottlebrush tree with ornaments and snow, 6.5″ or 9.5″ available $7.99-$9.99 each.


Mica glitter retro bottlebrush trees with ornaments, 6.5″ or 9.5″ for $7.99-$9.99 each


Set of 4 Retro Doe ornaments, blue, red, pink and white. Very retro and my favorites to collect! $27.96 for the set.



Set of 3 Retro Doe a Deers in pastel colors with tinsel collars and glitter $20.96 for the set


Set of 3 Retro glass reflector ornaments with indentations and glitter, $14.97


I found a few items at Target as well. They are very cute and retro. I love that every year Target seems to have the best decor and they always have some sort of vintage or retro inspired items. I think I buy something from there every year.


These retro glass pink doe ornaments are so beautiful in person, the photo doesn’t do them any justice. I really wanted these but when I went back to get them they were all sold out! Snatch them up if you can. They are only $6 each.


These pastel bottlebrush trees are very retro and are affordable too. I think it would be nice to get 3, maybe 2 pink and one mint or vice versa. They are perfect size to put in my window display. The pink 15″ is $16.99.


The 12″ mint green bottlebrush tree is $12.99


Retro pastel ornament set of 9 are only $6.00, very good price since they are glass. 864ef8dd5bb2d15a6a427eda0b2b98a9

Retro pastel ornament set of 10, $20.00


Cute Holiday tinsel tree with red ornaments. It is 18″ tall, $5.00eefc7948b54654f14b27fac0bccaf23e

Glitter deer ornaments, $3.00 each


Glitter starburst ornaments, $2.00 each.


Classic christmas colors ornament wreath82778f86247ae7998950296c78da24a9

Super cute aqua atomic snowflake throw pillow, $49.99


This year Macy’s has some great vintage inspired ornaments that really do look vintage. Christopher Radko designs the ornaments to replicate Shiny Brite vintage 1940’s ornaments. They are absolutely beautiful and the details are amazing. You must buy! They also sometimes carry these at TJ Maxx, its worth it to take a look there too.

 2886556_fpx 2890129_fpx

Christopher Radko Shiny Brite classic ornaments with reflectors, $17.95 for set of 122890132_fpx

Christopher Radko Shiny Brite Christmas Brights with tinsel inside, $22.95 for set of 6 ornaments


Christopher Radko Shiny Brite Holiday decorative ornaments and reflectors, $19.95 for set of 9


Christopher Radko Holiday Splendor tree topper, $19.95


Christopher Radko Christmas Brights tree topper, $19.95


Kurt Adler set of 24 mini decorative ornaments, $41.99

Vermont Country Store

I really like the items they have at the Vermont Country Store because they are exact replicas of some of our favorite vintage Christmas decorations. Everything from the tinsel tree, color wheel, to the glass light tree. They have it all. It is always worth it to take a look online to see what they may have to add to your collection.

download (1)

Vintage white ceramic Christmas tree with illuminated multi colored lights, 13″ tall, $39.95



Retro bubble lights, set of 7 for $24.95. They also have replacement bulbs available.


Vintage color wheel for illuminating your Aluminum tree, $34.95


Vintage tinsel Christmas tree, $34.95-$149.95 depending on size.

Those are the items I have found this season that are perfect for your vintage Christmas. Just add a few of the items to your existing decor and you will be set! Stay tuned for more Holiday posts.

Happy Holidays,


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