Halloween Decor & Candy Buffet


Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I would share the inspiration I got from Pinterest for the Halloween party I am having. I decided to have a small party with drinks and appetizers for Stan’s birthday. I asked my aunt to help put together a candy and snack buffet for the event so I gathered a few inspiration photos for the buffet. I will do another post after Halloween sharing what the party and buffet actually looked like.


I like how simple this buffet looks with the paper fans hanging and just a few spooky decorations on the table. Ours will have a lot more jars of candy and trays of snacks though.


This jar is similar to the others we are using and so I thought it was a very clever idea to add small skeletons in with the candy to give it a creepy look.


I like how this buffet has apothecary jars like the ones I will be using and the black tree branches in the back really give the table a Halloween feel. I like this because it is very simple.


I definitely want to have Sangria for my guests to drink! I love this idea of adding eyeball ping pong balls to the drink dispenser. Who wouldn’t want some eyeball sangria?


This would be another awesome way to display the sangria, a little dry ice and you can have smoking sangria.


Stan’s choice for dessert since it is his Birthday was cheesecake. I like how they added a simple spider web to the top of this cheesecake. I will have to do this for sure.


On this buffet, I liked how they added a few chalkboards to the background that have cute Halloween sayings on them.

Halloweenie Roast 2014

Here is a close up of the detail from the photo above.


I like how the orange and black theme is consistent through out the whole buffet. Sadly ours will not be like this since I am adding snacks as well.


These chalkboard labels are similar to what I will be using on our jars.


That’s all for now, stayed tuned for the actual decor and how I created my own Halloween candy buffet! Happy Halloween!

Yours Truly,


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