Cherry’s Fall Must Haves For Baby Girls!

Fall is approaching and there are some very cute must haves that I plan on adding to Cherry Mae’s fall/winter wardrobe. Most items below are from Children’s Place, Baby Gap, H&M, Target & Kmart. This season it seems there are so many options that are rockabilly inspired, from the colors to the prints. I cannot wait to add some of these pieces to her closet!


These super cute items are very rockabilly inspired and they are essentials for any rockabilly baby. Children’s Place has a very cute new line for Fall. I just love all of the ruby reds, leopard print and black combined.

Black long sleeve with white bows-  Children’s Place

Black Quilted Moto Jacket- Children’s Place

Black Engineer Boots- Baby Gap

3 Pack of Socks- Children’s Place

Sweater Bow Cold Weather Headband- H&M

Black Sneaker Mary Janes- Children’s Place

Fur Leopard Coat- Children’s Place

Red Heart Dress- Children’s Place


 All of the items could be styled multiple ways to have a variety of outfits from the same pieces. I tend to stick with pieces that are casual and add only a few dressy items since it is not that often baby Cherry needs to dress up. 

Ruby shoes- Children’s Place

Skinny Jeans- H&M

Red Sailor Dress- Kmart

Doe a Deer Sweater- Children’s Place

Red Leggings- Children’s Place

Leopard Heart Long Sleeve- H&M


The next 6 items are very retro inspired colors, mint, light pink, white and black. Very 1950’s! I like how they are versatile basics but also very rockabilly inspired. These items can be mixed with some of the items from above to create complete outfits. I also like how these are very affordable.

Mint Polka Dot Long Sleeve- H&M

White Ruffle Bandana Bib- H&M

Pink Cardigan- H&M

Mint Cardigan- H&M

Black & Pink Bow Sweatshirt- Target

Mint Leopard Heart Long Sleeve- H&M


While I was at it, I thought I would include some very cute outerwear. I know Cherry will want to explore the snow this year so these are definitely items she will need.

Pink knit hat- H&M

Pink Snow Boots- Children’s Place

Black Bow Mittens- H&M

Houndtooth Puffer Jacket- Target

Polka Dot Sweatshirt One Piece- H&M

I hope all of the mamas out there enjoyed this post and I hope there are a few items you can add to your rockabilly baby wardrobe! 

Yours Truly, 

Jessica Rockabilly Mama


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