Bo Huff, “Our Trip to the Center of the Universe” Dragerton, UT


On August 7, 2015 Stan and I had to make an unfortunate trip to Dragerton, UT. We had to be there on the 8th for Bo Huff’s funeral and to lay him to rest.

Here is a bit of history about Bo and how he is close to Stan and I and how he affected our lives. About 9 years ago, Stan moved from Pennsylvania to go and work for Bo at his custom shop. He worked for him for almost 2 years. They became very good friends during this time, working together day in and day out. Stan also became pretty close with his son Junior Huff. He helped build quite a few kustom cars for Bo and some were even featured in Ol Skool Rodz and Car Culture Deluxe (a few photos of Stan and Bo from the magazine are below). I always tell Stan that he was lucky to be given such a great opportunity to learn from one of the most well known kustom car builders. It is experience that no one can ever take away from him. Not many people can say that they worked for “Bo Huff”.  After the 2 years, he went back home to New York, but he has always tried to keep in touch with Bo and Junior since then.  So needless to say, this trip was one that Stan was not looking forward to.

As for me, I did not have a personal connection with Bo Huff himself, other than meeting him at car shows for a minute or two. I can say that even though I didn’t have the friendship that Stan did, I feel like I did through the stories Stan tells me. He has had some pretty good times with Bo and it always seemed like the smallest events were some the best times he had with him, something as simple as going for a cruise around the town or just hanging out at the museum having a few beers.  I am deeply saddened to see such a great charismatic man leave the rockabilly world so soon.

Rest in Peace Bo Huff you will be missed, but never forgotten by your Rockabilly Family.


Stan and Bo working in the shop, a few of the magazine images.






So as we started our 8 hour journey to Dragerton in the 31′ Model A Roadster, we enjoyed every minute of the drive because we said it is what Bo would have wanted, us cruisin in style to say our goodbyes. It was a long and rough ride due to weather but we finally made it! About 10:30 pm Friday night and we pulled up to the National 9 (where we were staying) and we were going to go straight to sleep. Stan got a call from Chaddy Kat Daddy saying “Are you going to stop over Bo’s? You have to! There are so many cars here, it’s just like his car show” Stan looks at me and at that moment I just start putting my jacket back on. As we were driving there from Wellington, we were the only car on the road it seemed and it was a drive I will never forget. Imagine a two lane road going to what seems like no where and all you see is your headlights. I just happened to look up since we were in the Roadster, and all I could see is the black sky filled with stars! It was so beautiful I have never seen anything like it. Finally we turn onto Bo’s street and there are about 20 cars parked anywhere there was room in front of the house and maybe another 50 people just hanging out and partying in the street. It was something to see, all of these rockabillies in one small town for one great guy. It was good to see some familiar faces, Chad, Junior and Krazy Rick,  and to meet some new people as well. Stan and I were having as much fun as we could, given the circumstance. We stayed until about 1:30 am and finally made our journey back to the Inn. We woke up Saturday to get ready for a dreaded goodbye. We put on our Sundays best and headed out to Sunnyside park. Once we got about halfway down the long road to Dragerton we had to suddenly stop because there were so many cars ahead making that same drive. We were amazed at the amount of people. We pulled into the park on the grass next to all of the other hot rods and kustoms. It was like a car show in itself. People hanging out next to their cars drinking some beers and all mingling with each other. At that moment, I knew that day would be a celebration of Bo’s life, and indeed it was!


This is Sunnyside park where the funeral and lunch were held. Behind that up the hill was the cemetary. bo4The Rockabilly Hound Dog, one of my favorite cars, and a few of the nice details!


Stan outside of Bo’s shop.


After the lunch and gathering it started raining so they took all of Bo’s cars back to the museum. Here is his car club, The Dead Sleds standing outside for a group photo.


Stan next to the roadster in front of the museum right before the storm! After this is started raining very badly so everyone had to go inside the museum. bo13

Stan and I in the museum. I have to say, this place is simply amazing inside! There are so many collectibles that anyone into cars would love to have. I definitely felt this feeling as soon as I stepped foot into the museum, it was like I was home and I felt very welcomed. At that moment I understood why he called Dragerton “The center of the universe”, you feel right where you should be at that moment in time and you are welcomed by everyone. I didn’t want to leave because there was so much to look at that could have taken hours!
bo10Stan and Junior outside of Bo’s house. 

Stan and I outside of Bo’s house. As the sun began to set, Chad had a great idea, “Everyone jump in your cars, let’s go on a cruise”. That was very cool having about 6 cars packed full of people cruisin around Dragerton in memory of Bo.



At the candle light vigil where we all gathered next to a bon fire and each lit a candle after cruisin the town. In the background his son Kendall Huff was playin tunes on his guitar. The song that stuck with me was when he bagan playing Hey Hey, My My by Neil Young. “The King is gone but he’s not forgotten”, this is in honor of Bo, he was the Rockabilly King and we will NEVER forget him.


As we set out on our early morning trip back home about 5:45 am, here is the sun almost rising, such a beautiful photo. I couldnt resist trying to capture this moment while it felt like it was about 40 degrees and gusty, haulin’ ass at about 90 or so in the Roadster. It was a trip we will never forget.

We send our love to the Huff family.

Yours truly,

Jessica Rockabilly Mama

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