Quick & Easy Rockabilly Hair for Mamas- 5 Minute Front Roll With Scarf

I was inspired to do a few hair tutorials when I kept getting interrupted by my little one Cherry. She will only sit still for so long and then she is ready for the day and wants to get into everything!  I was trying to curl my hair with a curling iron and pin them to cool and then possibly do some sort of vintage style. I always watch Cherry Dollface’s YouTube channel and she has very cute hair tutorials that I would like to try, especially the 3 day wet set! Anyway, after I took out the pin curls my hair decided to instantly go flat due to the humidity. I thought, I need something that doesn’t matter if my curls are a little flat. You can also do this style with straight hair, the only piece you will have to curl is the front section that will be the roll.  I was in a hurry so I came up with this super cute and quick rockabilly style. Enjoy!

Hair Tutorial with scarf 1

First I sectioned off the front portion of my hair as you would if you were doing a pompadour. Then I teased the back of this section and gave it a little spray of hair spray.

Hair Tutorial with scarf 2

Next I smoothed out the top of this section and began to roll this down into a pin curl. I take the hair as shown in the first photo (top left), then wrap the ends around my fingers (top right), then begin rolling the hair to the base. Once you have rolled the hair down to the bottom, it should look as the bottom left photo does. Finally, I secure the center of the roll with a bobby pin. I also place a few other bobby pins around the roll, hidden in the base.

Hair Tutorial with scarf 3Once the front roll is secure, I section off the sides, tease them and pin with a bobby pin. This brings the sides of your hair back and holds it in place. It doesn’t have to be perfect since it will be covered with a scarf or bandanna. Finally you tie a scarf around the base of your hair and tie on the top next to the front roll. I like to secure my scarf with crossed bobby pins on each side as well. Once you have secured the scarf, you can smooth the back of you hair and make sure the sides of the hair slightly move forward over the scarf. I also teased my hair at the crown just to give it a bit more volume. Then spray the front and back with hair spray and you are finished! This style took me about 5 minutes, so it is quick and easy and you still get that cute rockabilly feel without all of the time involved.


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