6 Things To Do While Pregnant

  1. Order The Honest Company prenatal Vitamins & Organic Belly Balm to prevent any stretch marks. These two products are amazing and I used them everyday when I was pregnant! The prenatals are pretty big and you have to take 3 a day but it is worth it for the baby. The belly balm works very well! I used it everyday along with the honest lotion and organic body oil and I only had a few tiny stretch marks on my stomach. I used it about every other day after the baby for about the first 4 months. The stretch marks are now mostly gone! This is a great product! honest-prenatal1493f2405d0d9c609af39ae1ae9d0217e
  2. Download a pregnancy app on your phone to track the baby daily. I used the Baby Center My Pregnancy Today, this really helped me get answers to questions I had about the baby and myself. It also had fun facts along the way, for example, your baby is the size of a cherry. You can track the pregnancy daily and see how your baby is growing. It has helpful photos and descriptions. Overall a must have. 51f8sWsV-BL._SY300_ Babycenter
  3. Stock up on diapers! I decided to use The Honest Company for my baby girl. You can get a months worth of diapers and wipes for only $80 and it is delivered right to you! I signed up for the auto delivery monthly bundle when I was about 6-7 months pregnant so I had a good stock pile of diapers by the time she was born. Remember not to order only newborn sizes, you will probably need NB and size 1 to get started. I say that now, but you never know the size of your baby, I had Cherry at 38 weeks and she was a preemie at 4 lbs 15 oz! I used Newborn diapers for nearly the first 3 months.
  4. Honest-Diapers-previewStock up on formula if you will be using it, unfortunately I take medication so I had to use formula. I bought a few of the 23 oz containers, no more than that because you do not know if your baby will be able to use one specific type of formula. I started off using Enfamil Premium Newborn, but it did not work for my baby girl. It irritated her tummy and caused a lot of discomfort for her. Our doctor recommend she switch to Similac Sensitive, this along with the Dr. Browns bottles, she was like a new baby!



5. Concentrate on the Necessities! It can be very overwhelming preparing for a new baby, you may think you need so many things before the baby arrives but its best to get the items you need first. Here is a list of items to concentrate on.

*Bassinet or crib


*Bottles, I prefer Dr. Brown’s


*Blankets, cotton and muslin


*Sleepers & onesies


*An outfit to go home in for the baby and you!

* Car Seat


6. Relax! Enjoy the time you have while pregnant because it only gets more hectic once the baby arrives.

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